Game zones

Bus Battle

Climb into one of two buses and redeem your ticket to victory. Now it is only a matter of who will drive the victory home, and who will get off at the next stop. From bus stop to road block - it´s time to paint hamburg multicoloured. Work your way from one row of seats to the next and surprise your opponents. Attention please - an announcement from the bus driver: "Next stop, adrenaline and action!"



Car Crash

Its your turn to find a way threw the crazy labyrinth to get to the opponents base. Use the action-button to send your opponent a big could of smoke and sneak silent threw the labyrinth. You will need team work and a good memory, dont get lost...



Flag Attack

Our strategy field for "Capture the Flag"-style games. Find a way through the dense forest and storm the opponent´s castle. Defend yourself from the other team´s assault on your fortress. Who will capture the flag? Beware - the next opponent is already waiting in the bell tower. The old bell rings in the victory.



House Camp

Choose your own little hiding place. Conceal yourself between car tyres, houses or walls. Sneak onto the loading platform of a pick-up truck with your friends to catch your opponent by surprise at the right moment. The little kiosk hut may seem idyllically quiet now, but keep an eye on the back door!




Experience the fascination of outdoor paintball. A big fun for beginners and professionels. Hunt the rabbit or just sneak to the opponents base to take some of your friends out. This field allows you to enjoy good weather and a good action game with your friends at the same time...