Bus Battle

Occupy one of the HVV buses and defend it against the other team. Sneak from row to row of seats and surprise your opponents. For which team is the end of the line here...?

Crazy Labyrinth

Find a way through the crazy maze to get to the enemy base. Use the action button to make your opponents disappear in a big cloud of fog.

Flag Attack

Find a way through the forest and storm the enemy castle. "Capture the Flag!" The flag is enthroned directly behind the bell tower. Can you capture it with team play and tactics?

House Camp

Hide behind car tyres, walls and other colourful cover. Sneak quietly from room to room or onto the back of the truck to catch enemies off guard!

Outdoor Action

The origin of paintball! Between the many different coverings, you will experience and learn the fascination of paintball. Watch out, there's a breeze of action coming your way!

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