Company Excursion

Your Company excursion to City Paintball Hamburg

City Paintball is the place to go for an unforgettable, action-packed company outing on your doorstep in Hamburg.

Paintball is a modern team sport from America. The aim of the game is to complete tasks, like cap-
turing a flag. During the game, players can mark opponents with paintballs to eliminate them from
a game round. Effective cooperation and communication within the team are vital to success.

For a unique company  excursion  whatever  the weather,  we will
provide you with our exclusive event rooms for up to 100 people,
on  request.  Before  or  after  the  game it  is  possible  to  hold a
meeting with the use of a projector.

The eventrooms equipped with HiFi sound system, disco ball and
LED light show are  perfect for  company events. If requested, we
can  organise  an individual  catering service for  your event. Cold
drinks, including soft drinks, beer and spirits, are provided.

Experience a perfect  day after work  with
colleagues!  At the  beginning of  your ex-
cursion,  all participants will  receive a de-
tailed safety briefing & explanation  of the
rules.  Participants  are  divided  into  two
teams,  marked by coloured bibs,  but can
switch at any time.
You will have access to spacious changing
rooms  with showers  and lockers to store
your personal belongings.

Let the games begin. On four different playing fields, featuring a truck, two HVV buses and medieval castles, the two teams go head to
head.  Devise a strategy, work together and outsmart the opposing team.  Experience action, adrenaline and authentic paintballing fun.
It will be the talk of the office for years to come!

                Book your unforgettable company excoursion, or ask us for personalised advice.
                Prices start at € 22.00. Group discounts are available starting from 10 persons.
                    (If required, a light version of the game is also available = less shooting power)

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