Paintball under 18 years

New at city paintball hamburg

Our paintball game is bursting with action and colour. Get ready and let the paintballs fly. Now from 12 years! Players
under 18 years old may only play this version of the game, and may not participate in adult games.

   Exiting paintball action for under-18s starts here! Hide behind the many colourful obstacles to
   secure the victory. Demonstrate keen tactics, team spirit and experience a day to remember!

    Get started on our 4 adventure game zones. Two teams go  head-to-head,  featuring
    a truck, two public buses and a medieval castle. Before the game, you will be given a
    detailed safety briefing and explanation of the game rules.

   Outwit your opponents and hide behind a wide variety of obstacles.

    Fight strategically for the flag as a team, and secure the victory!

Disco ball, LED light show and HiFi sound system will make your birthday party a hit. We also provide your party with catering or a pizza delivery on request.


It´s party time! On request, a celebration can be held in our event room after the game. Experience a birthday party with your friends that will keep them talking for years to come!

              Book your unforgettable party now, or ask us for personalised advice. Prices start
              at €22.00.  Group discounts are available starting from 10 persons.  Get started!
                    (Important: Your group will require at least one adult over 18 to supervise.)

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