Your team-building event at City Paintball Hamburg

City Paintball is the place to go in the north of Germany for effective team-building events in any weather.

                                  The team sport of paintball originated in the USA and is particularly suitable for team-building.  The aim is to solve
                                  tasks, like capturing a flag or storming the opponent´s castle. Paintball encourages communication and team spirit,
                                  which are vital to success.

Every paricipant will receive a detailed safety briefing & explanation of the game rules.
In different-coloured  bibs you  will  form two teams.  Now let  the game begin: On our
four action fields,  featuring a  truck,  two  HVV buses  and medieval  castles,  the  two
teams battle it out for the victory in each round and the team-building challenge.

We have taken the basicstrategic principle
behind modern paintball and developed it
into  a  team-building   challenge.   Partici-
pants  have   to  complete   various  action
cards, which  are explained at  the beginn-
ing by the team leader. Action and fun are

For a successful team event, whatever the
weather,  we will provide you  with our ex-
clusive event rooms
  for up to 100 people,
on request.  Before or after the game,  it is
possible to hold a meeting  with the use of
a  projector.  We  would  also  be  happy to
organise an  individual catering service  for
you. Cold drinks, including soft drinks, beer
and spirits, are available.

                Book your unforgettable team-building event, or ask us for personalised advice.
                Prices start at € 22.00.  Group discounts  are available starting from 10 persons.
                     (If required, a light version of the game is also available = less shooting power)

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