FAQ - Questions and Answers

1. Paintball for under-18s?

A minimum age of 12 is required. Proof of age must be provided on the day via an official document.

An accompaying adult (18 or over) must be present. In the event of mixed groups (over and under 18 years), the "Under-18s" version of the game must be played for legal reasons.

2. Paintball for over-18s?

To participate in the "Over-18s" paintball game, a minimum age of 18 years is required.
Proof of age must be provided on the day via a valid identity card or driving license.

For the start of the game, each player must sign a player agreement, as an acknowledgement of the house rules.

The consumption of alcohol before or during the game is not permitted!

3. Can players who are over and under the age of 18 play together?

Yes, but players who are under 18 may only play the "Under-18s" version of the game.
Players who are 18 or over may play both versions.
If multiple players both over and under 18 years of age want to play together, they must play the "Under-18s" version of the game.

4. What ist paintball?

Paintball is a team sport from the united states, where the aim is to mark players of the opposing team with paintballs in order to eliminate them from the game. Players may be struck on any part of the body. If a player has been struck, they are eliminated from that round of the game. The round ends when all the players on one team have been eliminated, or when a certain objective, e.g. capturing a flag, has been achieved. One round lasts approx. 2-5 minutes.

5. What are the rules?

We are specially suited for beginners. Before the game, you will be given a detailed safety briefing & explanation of the game rules.

6. Paintball and alcohol?

No! For safety reasons, alcohol may not be consumed before or during the game. Intoxicated persons will not be allowed to play!

7. Is there a minimum group size?

From 4 people, you can rent your own field.

You are less players? No problem, just contact us and we will find you a suitable group to play with.

The more players, the more objectives and fun you have.

8. What should i wear?

Sturdy shoes, a sweatshirt and a long pair of trousers are sufficient. Overalls to protect your clothes from paint are available for purchase at the venue. An "anti-mist" thermal protection mask is included in every price package. Women will also receive a chest protector free of charge. For more comfort, a variety of safety gadgets are available to players both under and over 18.

9. May camouflage clothing/uniforms be worn?


10. Are there showers/changing rooms available?

Yes. We have separate shower and changing areas for men and women, including lockers that may be used free charge.

11. Does the paint come out in the wash?

Yes. Paintballs contain food colouring, which can easily be washed out at 30°. To protect your clothes from paint splashes, you can purchase overalls at the venue.

12. Does paintball hurt?

The force of the impact depends on the distance. The paintball loses momentum in the air and on impact, when it bursts. Generally, it does not hurt to get hit by a paintball. You may not even notice the paintball hit you. By wearing protective equipment such as a groin or neck protector, sensitive parts of the body can be given extra protection. In the worst case, you get a purple bruise.

If required, a light version of the game is also available. There is no difference in the rules or your enjoyment of the game; only the shooting force is lower. This version is very popular with women.

13. Can i play even in bad weather?

Of course. We have indoor playing fields that can be used the year round, whatever the weather. We are centrally located and open in any weather, offering you 100% security in the planning of your event.

14. Can i bring my own paintballs?

No. Only the paintballs provided on site may be used.

15. We are beginners. Do we have to play against professionals?

No. Your group will have its own playing field. During your booked slot, the entire playing field is for your exclusive use.

16. How can i pay?

Advance payment ist needed.

You will get bank data and several advices in the email with your booking confirmation.